Doctors and clinic owners from across the UAE and Europe are sending their staff to train with us at Europe and the UAEs leading destination for colonic hydrotherapy in Ireland for a number of reasons....

  1. We offer I-ACT Colonic Hydrotherapy Training :I-ACT is the only training recognised in the USA where colonic irrigation is now a regulated profession under federal law. I-ACT training enables doctors, clinic owners, retreat centres, yoga studios and hotel spas to train their staff in the  global standard so that they can offer colonic hydrotherapy as a treatment and grow their wellbeing business.
  2. EU English Speaking Country:We are the leading colonic training facility in an english speaking european member state country. An aircoach links our facility to Dublin airport which is just 30 minutes away.
  3. Dual Certification:You will receive two certificates on successful completion of your training programme. One from I-ACT and one from the International Institute of Colonic Hydrotherepy. Training includes device training on The Harley Street Method of colonic hydrotherapy but you can chose any other method you wish to operate so long as you have device training on that system. I-ACT is a globally accepted colonic hydrotherapy qualification which allows you to operate any device.
  4. Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment Is In High Demand: Science now recognises that gut health issues like constipation and IBS are on the rise. Patients and clients are seeking natural approaches to help them overcome these issues. In 2018 it was discovered that a toxin called alpha sinuclein proliferates in the colon and is a direct cause of Parkinsons disease. There is a global rise in medical practitioners offering natural alternatives and those who do want the highest standards in place.
  5. Accommodation On Site:Our colonic hydrotherapy training facility is within a hotel with training rooms and accommodation on site. There is no need to travel. Your staff can stay with us in fully serviced hotel facility right in the heart of Ballsbridge, the embassy district of Ireland.
  6. Recognised I-ACT Trainer:Frances Flannery trains using visual techniques that are based on neurolinguistic programming to make learning easy and fun. She is the author of “The Ultimate Guide To Functional Gut Health” and a highly acclaimed gut health practitioner who speaks globally and represents gut health at conferences and seminars.
  7. Learn The Harley Street Method: We train on the same colonic device currently preferred and used on Harley Street London where members of the royal family and other dignatories travel to for optimal health care. Our system is an FDA approved open method and you willl receive device training so that you can bring this incredible treatment into your clinic too. It is preferred by those who wish to have a minimally invasive treatments and that is one reason why our colonic training course is growing in popularity in Europe and the UAE.
  8. High Profile Clinic: Because we have large numbers of clients, we can achieve the 30 hours of practical experience (that means you must assist with 30 colonics in 10 days), necessary to meet the I-ACT standards. Many clinics are just too small to make these numbers possible as they do not have the client numbers that we have.